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Our "USP"

What exactly makes it our "USP"? By continuing to place repeat orders, our long-term clients confirm again and again that our unique selling point is the quality of our service. The fact that we carry out all processes - from briefing to filling the vacancy - most efficiently, carefully, intensively and with maximum personal dedication and, of course, also bring them to a successful conclusion.

One of our significant talents is recruitment of staff for positions which are particularly difficult to fill. Or, as the CEO of one long-term client once said: "For us, USP SUNDERMANN CONSULTING is the specialist for filling vacancies on the 10th level of difficulty". We were glad to adopt this statement as an essential characteristic of our work, after it had been expressed in a similar form by other clients as well.


is the absolute yardstick. We guarantee it. A job is only completed when the vacancy has been filled. This should really go without saying, but that is not the usual practice everywhere on the market.


is the foundation of our existence, which means that we recruit the best possible candidate for any vacancy with a long-term effect. Keeping a critical distance, objective assessment as well as procurement and evaluation of references are the guarantors. Since one-off business is not our objective. Our existence is based on long-term customer relations and mutual trust. A significant fact in this context is that today we are still working together with a number of clients from our start-up years.

A 2-year warranty

is the natural consequence of our sustainability claim. Should any candidate leave our client’s company within 2 years from taking up work, regardless of which side terminates the employment contract, we will recruit a successor free of charge.

The "best" and the "right" candidate

can certainly be two different kettles of fish, but we have set ourselves the ambitious task of finding the best and the right candidate in one person.

Individual support

is our top priority. Every client is given the impression at all times that he is our only one. With sensitivity in understanding our client’s needs and general conditions, we put ourselves in his place, "live" with him, so to speak, and are always at his service.

Clear-cut processes and agreements

give our clients security and confidence. Fast, uncomplicated and transparent, this is how we carry out our recruitment processes. Clearly defined agreements on conditions which cannot be interpreted in more than one way, not even in extraordinary, unexpected situations, provide our clients with a reliable basis for planning and budgeting.


is our prerequisite for cooperation based on trust. Any unauthorised disclosure of information, CVs or other documents to other companies or consultants is absolutely taboo. We do not sell job application documents or the person to whom they belong. Every candidate is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

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